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Valor Equine Therapy Services

Making a difference in the lives of our Veterans and First Responders. 

VETS is a Montana-based not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing therapeutic services for Military veterans, police, firefighters and first responders suffering from PTSD and/or TBI.  The program is administered by professional equestrian instructors in a quiet, peaceful and relaxing ranch environment.

Our Purpose

At this time in American history, we are witnessing an exponential growth in the need for Equine Therapeutic Programs (ETPs) for the treatment of military veterans, first responders, and for civilians, all of whom have been wounded, either physically or psychologically, in combat or in their duties as a first responder.


A number of research studies have been undertaken and each has proven the scientific merit, clinical significance and relevance of ETPs. While it is difficult for some to grasp the fact that a horse could have such a profound impact on the health of a human, this hypothesis has been validated many times over and is now a common solution, not only for wounded veterans and first responders, but also those suffering from autism, cerebral palsy, and emotional disorders. Naturally intimidating to many, horses are large and powerful. This creates opportunity to overcome challenges and develop coping strategies. Working alongside a horse. in spite of fears, creates confidence in the veteran and provides wonderful insight when dealing with other intimidating or difficult life situations. The training cycle places emphasis on developing skills relative to communication, assertiveness, creative thinking self awareness, honesty, relationships and boundaries, trust and empathy, problem solving, work ethic, leadership, responsibility and teamwork in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

Primary Objective

Create a venue whereby the client will acquire self esteem by his/her direct relationship of action, reaction and interaction with a horse and that experience transcends to their personal life .  As a direct result of this therapy, most clients are empowered to interact with their peers on a much improved personal level.



Learning how to communicate with horses, the client will have the opportunity to often work with abandoned and/or abused horses and to help rehabilitate these horses to achieve a new level of trust in humans.  


Long Term Objective

Process at least one hundred clients through the ETP each year with the result of assimilating them into society as useful citizens as well as advocates of the VETS. Program.

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